Every day we work to provide you with more and more products and services, able to facilitate you in your work. A concrete way to help you do your job better without having to waste time and money looking for components to make your heating systems.

Wall mounted radiators, radiators, water heaters, boilers and boilers of the best brands are available in Fisar sales outlets. Fisar, thanks to its professionals, is able to provide technical support for the design of civil and industrial systems through calculations, sizing and design for the implementation of photovoltaic, biomass, fuel gas, floor, solar thermal or solar systems. geothermal.

Fisar also offers biomass heating systems (thermo-fireplaces, thermo-stoves, pellet boiler, split wood or wood chips and pellets), photovoltaic modules in monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon (cadmium telluride thin film) and types of systems necessary to obtain the incentive tariff of the Italian Energy Bill (fully integrated, partially integrated, not integrated).

All the heating products available in Fisar sales outlets correspond to a guarantee of absolute functionality and reliability.



By choosing Fisar you will have the opportunity to select the best solutions by having a team of professionals at your side. Fisar is the perfect option to satisfy your customers' tastes and comfort needs.

Fisar is an excellent solution, a real reference point in Milan, for the design of heating systems, domestic and not only.

You can evaluate different types of systems, carefully evaluating the relationship between quality and convenience with the support of experts.




If you need further and more precise information or if you simply want to get to know us in person, come and visit us in our stores in Milan, call us on 02 48301977 or send us an email at info@fisar.it.

Our experienced and highly qualified staff is at your complete disposal for any specific request.